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Remember Me (lyrics by Renny, music by Laurie Johnston, Kevin Kennerney, Albert O’Sullivan)






The night

Brought dream-light soaking through my sleep

Soaring in fearless flight

Through sun-fire’s heat

I found life in the sea’s great might.

The morning

Brought spring-light soaking through my sleep.

Elemental (explanation)

This poem is a celebration of feeling, of being completely alive.  In it I use a dream image to capture the experience of life  – represented by the metaphor of the four elements of life (air, land, fire, water).  In my dream I am flying (air) (the implication is that I am flying over land), warmed by the ultimate fire, finally to arrive at the place where I personally usually feel most alive – by the sea (water).  The second stanza begins with an image of waking moments. The connotation is that the morning’s experience will be the same as my dream experience.  Dream and reality are one and the same.  How much better can life be?  How much more alive can one feel than when dreams and reality come together?

This form is called ‘bob and wheel’ – taken from medieval romance.  Its meter is a single stress line, followed by four lines of 3 stress each. (The rhyme scheme is ababa)    It supports my feeling that more words don’t always say more.

Short Stories:

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