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Heritage House

Leaving her past in Germany, Gretha Braun’s new life on Cape Breton Island Canada is cut short when she is brutally murdered.

With international and local pressures urgently demanding they find the killer, Detectives Gordie MacLean and Roxanne Albright sort through a suspect list that ranges from overseas to Maclean’s own backyard. Frustrated when he is relegated to a backseat role on the case, MacLean finds himself in a dispute with his partner as their priorities diverge.

If you enjoy police procedurals in the style of P.D. James and Louise Penny, you’ll love the Cape Breton mystery series.

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Sea Child

Caught up in an investigation that threatens the lives of those he loves, Detective Gordie MacLean and his partner are drawn into a dark world far removed from the seemingly simple life of a lobster fisherman.

In book two of the Cape Breton Mystery series, MacLean and Albright must untangle a web of treachery to solve the mystery behind an unexplained death before innocent victims pay the price.  

For fans of P.D. James and Ruth Rendell, Sea Child brings the classic police procedural to life in a Canadian setting.

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Garden Girl

Garden Girl Cover

Gordie MacLean, a 53 year old bachelor detective of the Cape Breton Police Service is content minding his own patch of Cape Breton Island with its rugged coastal landscape and minimal Major Crimes, but when the remains of a missing person is discovered, he’s in the right place at the right time to be lead on the case. MacLean battles his Sergeant’s scorn and his own demons to prove that he can hunt down the killer; a killer who will stop at nothing to protect their long-buried secrets.

For fans of P.D. James, this book brings a classic police procedural to life, with a Canadian flavour.

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Torn Asunder

Fiercely loyal, Emmet Ryan plays his part in the war against the British to see a free and united Ireland. As a 16-year-old boy, Emmet is thrilled to join his father and brothers in the Finglas Volunteers during the 1916 Easter rebellion. The effects of that week mark Emmet for the rest of his life as he wrestles between his allegiance to his country and loyalty to his family. At times he isn’t sure he’s given enough to the fight until the day he realizes he may have given too much.

The story of Ireland’s birth as a modern nation and her turbulent formative years is woven into the very fabric of this multi-generational family drama.

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front coverFamily Business

Set in the Netherlands against the backdrop of the Great Depression and through World War II, Family Business follows the story of Agatha Meijer and her sons, André and Johan, as they build their textile business, a business Agatha is determined her sons will carry on, regardless of their own desires.

Family tension comes to a head when the boys each take a stand, sending all their lives spinning in directions none of them would have ever anticipated, and making each of them question the true meaning of loyalty, love, and freedom.

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After Paris front coverAfter Paris

From Shortlisted Author of the 2015 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize, Renny deGroot comes a new Historical Fiction.

Liesbeth Zwart forges her identity with courage and aptitude while nursing in France during WW1. As Liesbeth Bos, she feels that identity melting away; the skills she needed as a nurse in Paris are of little use to her as a wife and mother in post-war Netherlands.

As she grapples to adjust to her new reality, she is confronted with a shocking discovery that sends her fleeing with her young daughter to start a new life in Canada. The New World forces Liesbeth to reassess her own life and beliefs, but will it be enough to save her fractured family?

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