Cape Breton Mysteries

Night Rose

I’m delighted to announce the launch of the fourth in the Cape Breton mystery series.

As a new crime unfolds, Detective Gordie MacLean is drawn into a web of intrigue that will test his skills and change his life forever.

A local horticulturist has created a new rose variety that everyone is talking about. On the day of his big reveal, though, Detective MacLean is shocked to find Tommy MacNeil’s body amongst decapitated roses in the garden center.

MacLean assumes he and his partner, Roxanne Albright, can approach the case as they have before. He doesn’t know they are hunting a killer unlike any they’ve encountered previously.

Will Gordie MacLean realize death shadows him in time?

For fans of the classic police procedural genre, book four of the popular Cape Breton Mystery series will keep you absorbed to the last page.

Pick up your copy on Amazon, Kobo and other online retailers, or come and see me in person at one of my events.

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