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Writing is a solitary experience which means that getting through a pandemic is less of a hardship for someone like me than for many folks who are more social beings. At the same time, we do need to come up for air once in a while and when we do, we look for our people.

My people consist of the quick and informal collection of Facebook groups that I belong to, where I can easily fire off a question or celebrate and commiserate with fellow authors. I also belong to a couple of more formal organizations of writers, from whom I learn, and receive support continually (Sudbury Writers Guild and Writers’ Community of Durham Region). And then there are the national (Canadian) organizations who are there to support writers through workshops, grants, and exposure to markets and opportunities of all sorts. I am fortunate enough to belong to two of those.

I am very pleased to belong to The Writers’ Union of Canada

I am also very proud to have recently been accepted into the organization: Crime Writers of Canada

Thank you to all my people for helping me along my journey!

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