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Book Launch

I am delighted to announce the upcoming launch of my latest novel


Unlike my previous three novels, which were all Historical Fiction, this is the first in a series of mysteries, set in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia Canada. It features Detective Gordie MacLean and his partner Detective Roxanne Albright. Here is the back of the book description:

Gordie MacLean, a 53-year-old bachelor detective is content minding his own patch of Cape Breton Island with its rugged coastal landscape and low crime rate. When the remains of a missing person are discovered though, he’s in the right place at the right time to be lead on the case. MacLean battles his sergeant’s scorn and his own demons to prove that he can hunt down the killer; a killer who will stop at nothing to protect their long-buried secrets.

For fans of P.D. James, this book brings a classic police procedural to life, with a Canadian flavour.

With that, I’m excited to hereby reveal the cover!

The launch date for GARDEN GIRL is June 12, but it is available for pre order right now! For those who are ready to order their ebook I am running a Pre Order incentive. Email me a copy of your purchase receipt and you will be entered into the draw for one of these great prizes:

There is lots of tea drinking in the book, so what better than to have a lovely Cape Breton teaspoon with which to stir your OWN cup of tea whilst reading the book? OR, if enjoying a bit of wine and charcuterie while reading is more to your taste, you’ll love winning this Cape Breton olive fork accompanied by a pack of Cape Breton cocktail serviettes (napkins).

Although only ebooks are currently available for pre order, I can’t leave all of you who love the tactile experience of holding a real print book, out of this great give-away, so anyone who orders a print book in the first week after the launch date (so – between June 12 and 23:59 June 19) and emails me the receipt of purchase, will also be included in the draw. In ADDITION –there are five Cape Breton bookmarks going as part of the give-away AND every print book purchaser (who buys a book during the week of June 12, 2021 and June 19, 2021) will be sent a signed bookplate for your book.

Your pre order link is here:

Send your proof of purchase to me at:

This give-away is open to international purchasers.

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  1. Yes my favourite Author has a new read! Can’t wait to get my hands on and my eyes into this new book Renny. Hard copy with autograph is the only way to go. All of your novels have been spellbinding, enjoyable to read and leave me wanting more.

  2. Oh Renny, I’m thrilled about your new book!! Can’t wait to get a copy. My mom will be happy to get a copy as well! I just took her up to the cottage yesterday and she needs a good book. Perfect timing!

  3. Hi Renny
    Just finished my 5th purchase Garden Girl.
    I had literally just finished and closed a book I was reading The Last Bookshop in London, I said to Tom, this reminds me of Renny, I can’t wait for my order to come. A knock on the door 5 minutes later, Garden Girl was delivered!
    Out to the Garden into the Gazebo and there I was. Surrounded by birds, trees, chipmunks and a nice breeze the story began. Tea in hand.
    I am hoping you are on the next Gordie MacLean detective story, can’t wait if you are. If you aren’t. What are you waiting for? I see a great series in the making. Perhaps there is also a case waiting in Scotland to be solved by another Detective in your imagination. I’m thinking a Detective MacKay.
    This is my 5th purchase. Your story lines combined with your passion, research and writing skills are excellent.
    I started with Family Business, kept going and finished your most recent adventure.
    I look forward to your next.!!

  4. Renny,
    I also noticed under Other Works you wrote the lyrics to Remember Me. I just listened to it. What a beautiful tune and lyrics. I had tears in my eyes. This will prompt me to order the CD to have this song.
    I substituted in my mind, ” are you Irish for are you Scottish* and son for daughter.
    My Mum passed Aug 2019 at the age of 97, even though her memory was good I could insert a lot of the lyrics into this based on my question to her after her fatal head injury. Mum do you remember me? Aye she said how can I forget you. Others not so fortunate, a good friend of ours in his late 70’s has Alzheimer’s, he has deteriorated quickly and does not remember. He is the father of my daughter in law , he does not remember our grand children age 11 and 6. This song can be applied to so many. Beauty in the eye of the beholder, and written is interpretation.
    Keep going Renny! Well done.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, it’s heart-breaking when people we love slip away into dementia, and yet they trust us to remember them and what they gave to our lives even when they don’t know us any more.

  5. Received Garden Girl, signed, for Christmas from my daughter. Excellent book, hard to put down and heartily recommending it to all my book loving friends. Will now look for others you have written and can’t wait to see more with Gordie MacLean.

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