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Feeling Grateful

Spring seems to have finally arrived in Southern Ontario and it brings with it a renewed sense of purpose as the grass greens and buds hint at the arrival of new leaves. It’s with this joy in all things gardening that I’m especially honoured to be the recipient of a Len Cullen Scholarship. This (one of two) $500-dollar scholarships is awarded by the Writers’ Community of Durham Region annually and sponsored by the Cullen family in memory of their father, who was of course, a household name in landscaping and gardening. What most people don’t realize is that Len Cullen was also a prolific poet, and his poetry could often be found in the newsletter he produced for several decades.

I look forward to applying this scholarship towards some writers-coaching to help me take my novel-in-progress (called Asunder) to a new level.

Thank you to the Cullen family for this amazing support in helping to grow my skills (which I hope will flourish more than my poor hydrangea) and to WCDR for all the encouragement, critiquing, and emotional sustenance on my writing journey.

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