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7 Week Posey comes from a farm so Mom’s green wellies bring comfort in her new home

I’ve always enjoyed trying new things. Some would call it a restless spirit. It’s taken me on beautiful adventures around the world, allowed me to meet interesting people, led me to great jobs (everything from the military to private investigations to New Product Development to my current career as an author).

I’ve been away from social media for the past while because that drive for new experiences has kept me busy. Learning new skills (ie – On-line Marketing), exploring new possibilities for my writing (I took 2 courses at Trent University; Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation) and big excitement – I’ve added to my Chapel Close family with a Golden Retriever puppy named Posey.

Did you know that doing new things sends a rush of dopamine (the ‘reward’ chemical in the brain) as well as keeping the brain strong and healthy (fighting dementia in the process). So – learning new things (and hey, imagine the cocktail party conversation where I roll out the offer to examine a person’s finger prints to identify if they have whorls, loops or arches!), getting a chemical rush from doing well at the lessons and, knowing I’m exercising the brain. It’s all good. And now the pup. She is an absolute little darling and my other 2 dogs have taken her in with good grace. OK, Breton, my 11 year old is tolerant, but not quite fond yet – but Abbey is delighted with the new addition. As for me, I’ve lost a couple of pounds chasing her around to stop her chewing and to get her outside in time during the house training – so again – it’s all good!

So – I challenge you to consider your life and see how you can fit something new into it. Perhaps you aren’t so bold as to get a puppy – but take a course or create something (an article, a quilt, a wood carving..) It’s good for you, and unlike eating carrots, you’ll really enjoy it!

Great Pyr Abbey (7 yrs old) loves the new puppy
Choc lab Breton (11.5 yrs) keeps a bit of distance
Posey discovers the joy of hiking the Northumberland County trails with her sisters, off leash

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