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Here’s what my readers are saying about After Paris:

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve just finished “After Paris” and I absolutely loved it.

You write beautifully it has to be said. 

I thought Lisbeth’s character was very well crafted, so strong yet so vulnerable and self- doubting at times. The embodiment of that all too familiar feeling that maybe we’re not being honest with ourselves and allowing ourselves to be as happy as we should be. I also thought there was a real elegance to it and the story flowed beautifully.” G.M, Dublin, Ireland

“Set against the backdrop of World War I and the immediate post-war period, Renny de Groot’s second novel, “After Paris” traces the physical and psychological journey of Liesbeth Zwart-Bos, a young Dutch nurse. This fascinating page-turner explores the themes of the horrors of war, the role of women in society and the hardships of immigration. As we follow Liesbeth through her travels to France, back home to the Netherlands and ultimately to Canada, we simultaneously witness her voyage through her identity crisis, with her emotional maturity as the final destination. Once again Renny deGroot has proven herself to be a skilled storyteller, as we become emotionally invested in her characters and their struggles” S.E., Toronto, Canada

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Here’s what a reader said about Family Business:

Each time I dove into the words of your novel I was transported to a time and place that was brought to life with such brilliant writing. The style, the pace and the captivating narrative kept me engaged and captured by every word, phrase and emotion. As I read the novel in small bites I was constantly anticipating the moment I could catch up with Andre, Tiineke, Johan, Mary and Agatha and how their story unfolds. Your writing is so captivating and I admire you immensely. The skill you have in telling a narrative in a heart-moving yet fact based style is exceptional.What I loved about the novel were the small stories of each of the characters that together created a compelling thread of connected lives and the moments their lives are changed through theirs and others actions and decisions. It is the essence of life. We impact each other not necessarily through serendipitous actions but more so through a complex infrastructure of emotions and motivations. I feel these are what you have mastered in your work. As a reader, I was immersed in the thoughts and the external and internal drivers of each character which raised so many of my emotions.” T.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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  1. Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed reading “Family Business” and “After Paris.” I had just read an article from Veterans Affairs about “The Hunt Nursing Sisters of Mabou in WW1” and with your detailed stories of Liesbeth’s work I was able to get a clear picture of the medical duties they preformed during wartime. Liesbeth had everything to make her happy except realizing that herself. We see that today, everyone wanting but it is never enough. I lived in Antigonish for several years and could relate to everything she did. Both books were excellent reads and I hated to see them end. I will certainly be waiting for your next book.

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