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It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my book thoughts here, so to atone for the long absence, I’ll talk about one of my favourite authors – Ian McEwan. His books are always complex and intriguing studies of the intricacies of behaviour and motivation. Although I enjoy most of McEwan’s works, my favourite continues to be Atonement. Although I didn’t always like the central character, Briony, I thought her character was well developed and believable. Her perspective on what she saw and her reaction to the various events that happened on that fateful day when she saw her sister jump into the fountain in front of the young man, Robbie, was interesting, and I think, a realistic portrayal of an imaginative thirteen year old girl’s response. The life-time of events that stemmed from that day was a wonderfully crafted psychological study of the people involved.

It’s been said that this book is reminiscent of Henry James’ What Maisie Knew. I haven’t read that, but love James, so it’s on my list to determine for myself the comparisons.

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