Torn Asunder

What do Joe Biden and novel Torn Asunder have in common?

Both trace a story of Irish tenacity and a belief in freedom and unity.

In 2016 Joe Biden, whose ancestry traces back to Ireland, was made a free man of County Louth and at a celebration held in Carlingford he was presented with a hand carved bull made by local craftsman Joe Lawler to mark the honour. The ceremony celebrated Biden’s heritage originating from County Louth. A hundred years earlier in 1916, Irishmen and women of this very area rose up to fight again, in the centuries-old battle for independence and freedom.

County Louth is sandwiched between the North of Ireland and Counties Meath and Dublin to the south. It’s a county that has always played a role in the struggle for unification.

In the novel Torn Asunder, the desire to bring the country together as one independent and free nation continued, long after the Free State had been formed. In this excerpt, we are immersed in the on-going struggle:

County Louth:

They fell into silence again. With the blackouts, everything was pitch dark. They drove through the night towards Newry where they would cross the border to unload weapons for the IRA to continue the fight for Irish unity. It crossed Maeve’s mind that she may be doing this just to see Patrick. She expected he would be there to receive the munitions. No. It’s not that. Patrick is lovely, but he’s not looking for a girl. His love is all spent on the Cause.

Maeve dozed but awoke in the sudden quiet of the lorry being turned off. “Where are we?”

Liam cranked the handbrake on. “Coming into Dundalk. We’ll take a few minutes to stretch.” ‘

Torn Asunder tells the story of a good man with influence who believes in the Cause, but every choice comes with a price.

Much like Ireland a century ago, America is experiencing a division as hasn’t been seen in a very long time. Good men with influence need to stand up and bring the country together. Is Joe Biden such a man?  It won’t be an easy role but with the Irish blood coursing through his veins to give him the tenacity, and the well-known Irish characteristics of a sense of justice, a love of words and learning and a spiritual nature, many believe he has it in him.

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